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RLMC Art & Design society established in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Bilquis Akhter & Prof. Mudassar Ali &this society provides a platform for students, faculty & staff to explore & express their creativity in the context of healthcare and medicine. Art & Design Society fosters a unique blend of artistic expression & scientific knowledge, encouraging members to create medical illustrations, design health-related visual aids, & engage in projects that bridge the gap between art and medicine. Through workshops, exhibitions & collaborative endeavours, the society aims to enhance the visual communication skills of its members, ultimately contributing to a richer & more effective healthcare environment. It serves as a testament to the power of creativity in the medical field, demonstrating how art & design can play a vital role in education, patient care & medical communication. An art & design society plays a pivotal role in intercollegiate activities by acting as a bridge between different educational institutions & promoting creative collaboration. Here are some key roles it can play:

1. Facilitating Competitions & Exhibitions.
2. Workshops & Masterclasses
3. Networking Opportunities
4. Cultural Exchange
5. Collaborative Projects
6. Promoting Diversity of Styles & Techniques.
7.Learning & Growth Opportunities
8. Building a Wider Audience
9.Exchange of Ideas & Critique
10. Promoting a Spirit of Healthy Competition
In essence, an art & design society in intercollegiate activities serves as a catalyst for creativity, collaboration & growth, fostering a vibrant & dynamic environment for students.Currently presided by Mr.Abdallah Ch. & Ms Zarmina Hassan.

Prof. Mudassar Ali Chairperson (Vice Principal) team member
Prof. Bilquis Akhter Chairperson team member
Mr.Abdallah President team member
Ms. Zarmina Hassan President team member