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Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

Rashid Latif Khan University’s Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is home to education and research in the fields of Medical and Allied Health. We are strengthening the network's stability by excelling in education, research, and the application of new information/ technologies. Our research is instantly interpreted to provide solutions to critical health issues impacting our community. We teach and educate today's healthcare professionals that are the core foundation of our nation's healthcare industry.
The Allied Health Sciences faculty at Rashid Latif Khan University provides a diverse range of programs in the areas of wellness, and medical. Our courses are designed in collaboration with practicing health professionals and wellness organizations to ensure that we are keeping up to date on the most recent advancements in theory and practice. In these programs the students have access exclusively to hands-on, practical experiences from the start of their degree, indicating that our graduate students receive formal trainings in clinical contexts throughout the duration of their degrees. Along with outstanding teaching, internationally acclaimed research, and world-class facilities, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at Rashid Latif Khan University produces competent alumni who are ready to serve in their chosen sector.

Dean/HOD's Message:

Our Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is thriving and at the forefront of innovation in public health research and education. We are vital to Rashid Latif Khan University’s academic mission as our research is cutting-edge, and our education programs are among the best in the country. Being here as a student means engaging yourself in a warm and lively atmosphere devoted to the discovery and development of knowledge that will benefit the health of our larger community. We are developing global leaders in public health education, research, practice, and policy. There is a solid basis for our future. We will position our School's collaborative effort to confront, comprehend, and solve key public health concerns by working together. With such a depth and breadth of teaching experience, and research, we are dedicated to enhancing the community's overall health both locally and worldwide. I ask you to explore how you may join us on this trip. Let's see what we can achieve together!

Prof. Dr. Rizwana Muzaffar

PHD Epidemiology and Public Health, MPhil Human Nutrition,
MSc Human Nutrition

Faculty List

Saman Qadeer


MPhil- Food science and Technology
Diploma- ADND (Advance Nutrition and Dietetics) UK
B.Sc. Doctor of Diet and Nutritional Sciences

Moha Akram Khan


MPhil Food Science and Human Nutrition
B.Sc. Nutrition

Rameen Bukht Khan


MPhil- Public Health
B.Sc. Nutrition

Saman Ishtaiq

Clinical Nutritionist

Bsc Nutrition
HCPC UK Registered Dietitian