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Pharm - D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

5 Years Degree Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy at RLKU strives to combine strong fundamental scientific education with significant clinical practice so that graduates are prepared to contribute to transforming the future of healthcare via innovative breakthroughs and advances that will benefit the well-being and lives of others. The curriculum instils a thorough grasp of medications in order to train the future generation of healthcare executives who will be responsible for curing tomorrow’s diseases and treating today's most difficult ailments. The Doctor of Pharmacy program at RLKU is designed for students who want to establish a name for themselves in the field of medicine and healthcare. The intensive five-year curriculum is developed to provide students with a comprehensive grasp of the very critical and diversified area of pharmaceuticals and to enable them to take on roles of leadership that provide new cures for healthcare at home and throughout the world.

Career Paths:

  • Government Jobs
  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Research and Development
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales and Market
  • Community pharmacy practice
  • Hospital Pharmacy

Admission Criteria:

At least 60% marks in FSc (12 years) or Equivalent.

Road Map Pharm - D (Doctor of Pharmacy)

Total no of Credit Hours: 198

Semester 1

Course Title Credit Hours
English-A (Functional English) 2
Pharmaceutics-IA (Physical Pharmacy) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IA (Organic) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIA (Biochemistry) 3+1
Physiology-A 3+1
Anatomy & Histology 3+1
Total 22

Semester 2

Course Title Credit Hours
English-b (Functional English) 4
Pharmaceutics-Ib (Physical Pharmacy) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-Ib (Organic) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIb (Biochemistry) 3+1
Physiology-b 3+1
Total 20

Semester 3

Course Title Credit Hours
Islamic Studies 3
Pharmaceutics-IIA(Dosage Forms Science) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology) 3+1
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IA 3+1
Pharmacognosy-IA (Basic) 3+1
Practice-IA (Pharmaceutical Mathematics) 3
Total 22

Semester 4

Course Title Credit Hours
Pak Studies 2
Pharmaceutics-IIB (Dosage Forms Science) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Microbiology & Immunology) 3+1
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IB 3+1
Pharmacognosy-IB (Basic) 3+1
Practice-IB (Bio-statistics) 3
Total 21

Semester 5

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmacy Practice-IIA (Dispensing Pharmacy) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIA (Pharmaceutical Analysis) 3+1
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIA 3+1
Pharmacognosy-IIA (Advanced) 3+1
Pathology 3+1
Total 20

Semester 6

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmacy Practice-IIB (Community Social & Administrative Pharmacy) 3
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IIIB (Pharmaceutical Analysis) 3+1
Pharmacology and Therapeutics-IIB 3+1
Pharmacognosy-IIB (Advanced) 3+1
Pharmacy Practice-III (Computer and its Applications in Pharmacy) 3+1
Total 19

Semester 7

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmacy Practice-IVA (Hospital Pharmacy) 3
Pharmacy Practice-VA (Clinical Pharmacy-I) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-IVA (Industrial Pharmacy) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-VA (Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-VIA (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) 3+1
Total 19

Semester 8

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmacy Practice-IVB (Hospital Pharmacy) 3
) Pharmacy Practice-VB (Clinical Pharmacy-I) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-IVB (Industrial Pharmacy) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-VB(Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics) 3+1
Pharmaceutics-VIB (Pharmaceutical Quality Management) 3+1
Total 19

Semester 9

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmaceutics-VIIA (Pharmaceutical Technology) 3+1
) Pharmacy Practice-VIA (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVA (Medicinal Chemistry) 3+1
Pharmacy Practice-VIIA (Forensic Pharmacy) 3
Pharmacy Practice-VIIIA (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing) 3
Total 18

Semester 10

Course Title Credit Hours
Pharmaceutics-VIIB (Pharmaceutical Technology) 3+1
) Pharmacy Practice-VIB (Advanced Clinical Pharmacy-II) 3+1
Pharmaceutical Chemistry-IVB (Medicinal Chemistry) 3+1
Pharmacy Practice-VIIB (Forensic Pharmacy) 3
Pharmacy Practice-VIIIB (Pharmaceutical Management & Marketing) 3
Total 18

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