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Bachelor of Sciences in Operation Theatre Technology

4 Years Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Operation Theater Technology is a four-year program designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the technical and operational aspects of surgical procedures. Graduates will be proficient in preparing and maintaining the sterile field, assisting surgical teams during operations, managing surgical instruments and equipment, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the operation theater. This program prepares students to handle a wide range of surgical specialties, from routine procedures to complex and high-risk surgeries. Operation theater technologists are trained to work as operation theater managers and central sterile supply department (CSSD) in-charge, ensuring patient safety and the success of surgical procedures. Additionally, the program emphasizes the importance of infection control, patient care, and the use of advanced medical technology. The program includes a compulsory research project to foster expertise in the research field. Graduates will be well-equipped to support complex surgical operations and contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of surgical healthcare delivery.

Career Paths:

After successful completion of the 4-year degree, graduates of the BS Operation Theater Technology program will be proficient in managing the technical and operational aspects of surgical procedures. Career paths for operation theater technologists include:

  • Government Job at DHQ/THQ and Teaching Hispital (17 Scale)
  • Lecturer job at Government Universities
  • Lecturer job at Private Universities
  • Private Hospitals
  • Foreign countries hospitals
  • Rescue Department
  • Research Institutions
  • Medical Equipment Manufacturing Companies
  • Entrepreneurial opportunities to start own operation theater equipment supply business
  • Academic and Training Institutions
  • International Healthcare Organizations

Admission Criteria:

F.Sc. (Pre-Medical)(12 years ) or equivalent with minimum of 50% Marks

Road Map BS- Operation Theatre Technology

Total no of Credit Hours: 132


Course Title Credit Hours
Functional English 3
Quantitative Reasoning I 3
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan 2
Applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3
Basic Anatomy 3
Fundamental Operation Theatre Technology 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Islamic Studies 2
Functional English II(Expository Writing) 3
International Relations 2
Basic Physiology 3
Biochemistry 3
Medical Terminology and Record Keeping 2
Surgical Anatomy I 3

Semester 3

Course Title Credit Hours
Social Work 2
Civic and Community Engagement 2
Psychology 2
Sociology 2
Pathology I 3
Surgical Anatomy II 3
Operating Room Skill 3


Course Title Credit Hours
GEN-0023 Entrepreneurship 2
Quantitative Reasoning II (Statistics) 3
Operation Theatre Equipments Handling 2
Operation Theatre Technology 3
Surgical Pharmacology 3
General Microbiology and Sterilization 3
Basic Surgical Skill 2


Course Title Credit Hours
Applied Medicine 3
General Surgical Procedure 3
Infection Control and Prevention 2
Protocol of Central Service Supply Department (CSSD) 3
Basic Anesthesia 3
Operation Theatre Instrumentation and Techniques. 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Operation Theatre Management 3
Clinical Practice 3
Laparoscopic Procedures 3
Sterilization and Disinfection 3
Patient Care 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Biomaterial and Surgical Implants 3
Modular Operating Room Skill 3
Advance Anesthesia Techniques 3
Evidence Base Practice 3
Biostatistics and Research Methodology 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Advance Surgical Procedures 3
Operation Theatre Design and Reconstruction 3
Advance Diagnostic Techniques 3
Capstone Project 3
Field Experience/ Internship 3

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