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The RLMC Youth Club is founded as a cohesive community organization, structured with an executive committee and an inclusive body of members. This dynamic initiative is dedicated to equipping our students with vital life skills, nurturing unwavering values deeply embedded in Islamic principles, and fostering a profound sense of unity and purpose throughout our university community. Functions and Responsibilities:
1. Personal Growth and Development: The RLMC Youth Club offers students a unique opportunity to cultivate essential life skills, including leadership, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving, guided by the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah.
2. Welfare of the RLKU Mosque: The club is committed to a range of initiatives aimed at the continuous improvement of the mosque, improving the infrastructure and improving the environment of the mosque for the individuals who perform Salah.
3. Seerat Conference: We have a compelling vision to host an annual Seerat un Nabi Conference, featuring diverse quizzes and Islamic competitions that celebrate the legacy of our beloved Prophet.
4. Motivational Talks: Through workshops and guest speakers, the club will provide students with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, exposing them to a broad spectrum of subjects and ideas deeply rooted in Islamic principles.
5. Promoting Islamic Values: Our primary objective is to promote Islamic values such as respect, tolerance, inclusivity, and integrity among our students.