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RLKU stands for the dissemination of knowledge, the discovery of new literature, the instillation of the value of lifelong learning, the grooming of its faculty and students, the accomplishment of dreams, and the empowering of the public at large for the benefit of the whole society. RLKU stands for better results, innovation, rigor in research technique, and high-quality publications. The University is all about positive reinforcement, great accomplishments, and acknowledging the universe's ever-changing educational preferences. Our existence at RLKU is firmly rooted in ethical ideals, and our students are encouraged to strive for the stars, "ad astra per aspera." The Department of Examination is in charge of transparent evaluation and assessment using objectively created examination instruments. We employ all suitable examination methods for assessing knowledge, skills, and behaviors. The Deputy Controller of Examinations is responsible for all aspects of examination administration as well as any additional tasks that may be assigned.

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