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Bachelor of Sciences in Clinical Psychology

4 Years Program

Department of Professional Psychology (RLDPP) is committed to Deliver Knowledge and Instill Skills of Clinical Training and Research Processes in The Field of Clinical Psychology, to Serve Community and Uplift Mental Health. The Professional Psychology Department Integrates Undergraduate Education, Research, and Service; the Overall Mission of the RLKU University. This Clinical Training Program prepares and equips Graduates for their Post-Graduation Degrees and enables them to pursue their Career as Certified Clinical Psychologists.
The 4 Years BS Honors Clinical Psychology Program is based on Excellence in Research and Training in Clinical Psychology. We Recognize and Value that Students have promising Career Aspirations to be Clinical Psychologists which may evolve over this Course of Graduate Training. Our Program offers Opportunities to Achieve Excellence in Research and In-Depth Study of Psychopathologies, Psychological Testing and Assessment. In view of the Growing Awareness on the Role of Clinical Psychologists in Social, National Developments and Disaster Management, there are Increasing Job Opportunities in both Public as well as Private Sector Institutions where Clinical Psychologists are bringing their Clinical & Specialized Skills in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Emotional, Behavioral, and Adjustment Problems, as well as in Academics and Research.

Prominent Employers of Clinical Psychologists include:

  • Public and Private Hospitals and Institutes
  • Psychiatric and Drug Rehabilitation Centers
  • Educational Institutions
  • Sports Centers
  • Forensic Institutes
  • Armed Forces
  • Police Services
  • Prisons and Correctional Institutes
  • Non-Government Organizations
  • Industrial Organizations (Public and Private Sectors)
  • Multinational and National Corporate Sectors

Admission Criteria:

At least 45% marks or 2nd Division in FSc/FA/I. Com/ICS/A-Level or Equivalent.

MOU signed with Pakistan Institute of Living & Learning (PILL)
MOU signed with Pakistan Association of Lifestyle Medicine (PALM) & Riphah Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (RILSM), Riphah International University, Islamabad
MOUs in Process:
MOU with Centre for Clinical Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore
MOU with Dept. of Psychology, Govt. College Women University Sialkot (GCWUS)
MOU with Institute for Rational Living, Singapore
MOU with Fountain House, Lahore
MOU with Punjab Institute of Mental Health (PIMH)
MOU with Pak Public Health Forum (PPHF)

Road Map BS- Clinical Psychology

Total No of Credit Hours: 136 Duration: 08 Semesters (04 years)


Course Title Credit Hours
English-I 3
Islamic Studies 3
Introduction to Computers 3
Introduction to Psychology 3
Mass Communication 3
Food and Nutrition 3
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
Cognitive Psychology 3
English II 3
Pakistan Studies 2
Schools and Perspectives in Psychology 3
Experiments in Psychology (Practicum) 1
Introduction to Law 3
Introduction to Biology 3
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
Mathematics 3
English III 3
Personality Theories 3
Introduction to Economics 3
Introduction to Philosophy 3
Introduction to Sociology 3
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
English IV 3
Gender Studies 2
Introduction to Social Psychology 3
Mental Health and Psychopathology-I 4
Neurobiological Basis of Behavior 4
Total 16

Semester 5

Course Title Credit Hours
Psychological Assessment-I (Theory+Practical) 3+1
Research Methods-I (Theory+Practical) 3+1
Professional Ethics 2
Mental Health and Psychopathology-II 3
Statistics (Theory) 3
Total 17


Course Title Credit Hours
Clinical Psychology-I 4
Research Methodology - II (Theory+Practical) 3+1
Data Analysis with SPSS 3
Psychological Assessment-II (Theory+Practical) 3+1
Developmental Psychology 3
Community Work (Non Credited)) -
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
Clinical Psychology-II 4
Psychology of Aging 3
Organizational Psychology 3
Positive Psychology 3
Research Thesis 3*
Case Reports –I 3
Total 16

Semester 8

Course Title Credit Hours
Research Thesis 6(3+3)*
Health Psychology 3
Forensic Psychology 3
Case Reports – II 3
Total 15

Disclaimer: University has Discretion to Revise Courses offering or Credit Hours mentioned above.Anything present on website can be changed without any prior Notice.
* Carried over from Semester 7 and therefore 3 Credit Hours are added in both Semesters.