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Faculty of Physical and Biological Sciences

The Faculty of Physical and Biological Sciences endeavors hard to keep up with the fast developments in the field of science and technology that influences scientific instruction and research. The Faculty of Physical and Biological Sciences at Rashid Latif Khan University aims to educate students to use their skills and knowledge in a diverse range of scientific disciplines. We aim to produce graduates who are grounded in their respective fields, so that they can run in step with the world of science and innovation, that is transforming the human reality at an unbelievable pace.

HOD's Message:

I am pleased to introduce to you the Faculty of Physical and Biological Sciences, here at RLKU. In today’s world, technological advancement is the key to the future. Innovative technologies and extraordinary discoveries are fundamentally changing the face of biological sciences. With the world evolving so rapidly, it is becoming unavoidable to place our trust in science when things are uncertain. From astonishing breakthroughs in gene manipulation, drug and vaccine development to conserving our planet’s precious resources, biochemical and biological innovations are forging truly novel paths in health, disease and a sustainable future.

Prof. Dr. Sadia Qureshi

MBBS, MPhil Biochemistry, PhD Biochemistry.