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Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Pathology

4 Years Degree Program

The Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is a four-year plan that seeks to graduate students who are capable of identifying, assessing, evaluating, managing, treating, educating, and assisting in the prevention of language, utterance, voice, fluency, cognitive, and other related communication difficulties and speech difficulties. This program will enable students to deal with a wide range of language and speech impairments caused by neurological illnesses, hearing impairment, language learning challenges, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism, cleft palate, brain traumas, eating and swallowing difficulties. The Bachelor of Science in Speech-Language Pathology program teaches students how to recognize, diagnose, and treat these speech and language impairments.

Career Paths:

After successful completion of 4 years degree offered at Rashid Latif Institute of Allied Health Sciences, the SLP graduates will be proficient to run their independent private clinical practices. In addition to private clinical practice, speech-language pathologists will also have employment options at:

  • Government Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • School Colleges & Universities
  • Government Agencies
  • Special education Centers, schools & colleges
  • Research Projects

Admission Criteria:

FSc. (Pre-Medical) (12 years) or equivalent with minimum of 50% Marks.

Road Map BS- Speech and Language Pathology

Total no of Credit Hours: 136


Course Title Credit Hours
Functional English -I 3
Pakistan Studies 2
Math/Stats-I 3
Basic Anatomy 3
Basic Physiology 3
Introduction to Speech & Language Pathology 3
Total 17


Course Title Credit Hours
Functional English -II 3
Islamic Studies 2
Biostatistics 3
Biochemistry 3
Developmental Paediatrics 3
Neuro-Science for Speech & Language Pathology 4
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
Functional English III 3
Introduction to Computer 3
Behavioral Sciences and Human Psychology 3
Psychiatry 3
Basic Linguistics and Phonetics 4
Total 16


Course Title Credit Hours
Phonology 4
Otolaryngology 3
Medicine 3
Linguistics-I 3
Speech Disorders 4
Total 17


Course Title Credit Hours
Linguistics II 3
Hearing Sciences 3
Language Disorders 3
Voice Disorders 4
Fluency Disorders 4
Total 17


Course Title Credit Hours
Dysphagia 4
Evidence Based Practice 3
Rehabilitation I 4
Clinical and Professional Knowledge-I 4
Motor Speech Disorders 3
Total 18


Course Title Credit Hours
Rehabilitation II 4
Medical Imaging in Speech and Language Pathology 2
Language Disorders-II 4
Learning Disorders 3
Research Methodology 4
Total 17


Course Title Credit Hours
Augmentative and Alternative Communication 3
Research Project 6
Clinical and Professional Knowledge-II 3
Clinical externships 4
Total 16

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