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Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance

4 Years Degree Program

The BS (Accounting & Finance) is a specialised degree aiming to prepare students with professional skills in accountancy and finance. The students will not only acquire the knowledge and technical skills needed to analyse accounting/finance and business problems but they will also understand how to communicate and use financial information to support business decisions. The degree offers specialization in accounting and/finance. In this program, students will develop accounting, finance, management, and technology competencies and learn how to prepare, interpret and analyze financial information. With the management of financial information behind all business activities, there are more employment and career opportunities in accounting and finance than many other areas of study. This degree will prepare students for a rewarding career in any sector of the economy. The graduates may work as a Financial Accountant, Forensic Accountant, Management Accountant, Auditor, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Advisor and Tax Specialist.

Programme Objectives:

  • A conceptual understanding of accounting and finance.
  • An understanding of the legal and regulatory environment that commercial organisations and accounting professionals must work within.
  • The ability to identify and evaluate ethical dilemmas and provide logical ways to resolve them.
  • The awareness of the process to protect, validate and attest to the integrity and reliability of financial information.
  • The understanding about the components of financial system and their impact on financial decisions in an organisation.
  • The ability to make critical short-run decisions, such as cash management and credit policy, which affect the survival of the organisation.
  • The ability to make the long-term decisions includinginvestment in plant and equipment, fundraising, and mergers and takeovers, all of which determine the wealth of the owners.

Degree Requirements:

The BS-Accounting and Finance is of a 4-year duration, spread over 8 regular semesters, and consists of 129 subject credit hours of studies. After completing the course work, every student is required to submit a Research Project carrying a weight equal to 3 credit hours. As an alternative, students may take internship for a duration of 9-weeks in an approved organization by the Dean’s office to complete the degree requirements. The normal duration for completion of the Degree is 8 semesters over a period of 4 years. The maximum duration for obtaining the degree shall be 7 years.

Admission Criteria:

Students with FA, FSc., ICOM, ICS, A ‘Levels, or equivalent qualification and having at least 45% marks are eligible to apply. Qualifying the admission test and interview is compulsory. A candidate scoring less than 50% marks each in the test and interview will stand disqualified for admission.

Road Map Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance

Total no of Credit Hours: 129

Semester 1

Course Title Credit Hours
English-I 3
Pakistan studies 3
Introduction to business 3
Business mathematics 3
Introduction to Computing 3
Micro economics 3

Semester 2

Course Title Credit Hours
Macro economics 3
Financial accounting 3
English-II 3
Islamic studies 3
Management fundamentals 3
Psychology 3

Semester 3

Course Title Credit Hours
English-III 3
Business statistics 3
Managerial accounting 3
Marketing fundamentals 3
Food and Nutrition 3

Semester 4

Course Title Credit Hours
Business law 3
English-IV 3
Fundamentals of Cost Accounting 3
Business finance 3
Foreign language 3

Semester 5

Course Title Credit Hours
Financial management 3
Taxation management 3
Political history of Pakistan 3
Advanced cost accounting 3
E-commerce 3

Semester 6

Course Title Credit Hours
Sociology 3
Auditing fundamentals 3
Corporate finance 3
Environmental management 3

Semester 7

Course Title Credit Hours
Accounting information system 3
Quantitative Techniques 3
Financial reporting 3
Elective-I 3
Elective-II 3

Semester 8

Course Title Credit Hours
Development Economics 3
Research methods 3
Entrepreneurship & Innovation 3
Elective-III 3
Elective-IV 3
Project / Internship 3

Road Map Specialization Courses


Course Title Credit Hours
Advanced Managerial Accounting 3
Corporate governance 3
Advance Auditing 3
Advance Financial Reporting 3
Tax Management and Optimization 3
Budgeting and forecasting 3
Computerized accounting 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Financial Risk Management 3
Investment analysis and portfolio management 3
Money and capital markets 3
Financial markets and institutions 3
International Finance 3
Marketing of Financial Services 3
Mergers and Acquisitions 3
Capital budgeting and long-term investment decisions 3
Financial Statement Analysis 3

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