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Bachelor of Sciences in Media and Communication Studies

4 Years Program

Introduction of the Department

The transformation of traditional to digital media is profoundly affecting the media industry everywhere, including in Pakistan. Because of these shifts, the media industries are undergoing a dramatic makeover in terms of interactive and aesthetically enriched storytelling techniques and their effect on society at the cultural, social, political, and global levels & goals. The department of Media and Communication has developed this scheme of studies in advanced undergraduate degree in media & communication studies to meet the industry's needs and open up new employment options for media students in light of the technological revolution currently underway in the media and communication industry. The MCS curriculum encourages students to critically refine their media literacy through the study of communication technology, globalization, research methods, media production, and media history and theory. Further studies are offered in digital culture (including courses in web design, making visual culture), media production (television production, video ethnography, podcasting, sports broadcasting), professional content creation (political writing, modern public relations, social media networking, professional communication) and contemporary cultures (media and globalization, media and politics). The combination of theory and production courses, applied learning and internship experiences, and a capstone research project prepares students for a range of academic and career paths after graduation. MCS graduates regularly go on to jobs in advertising, broadcasting, museums and cultural institutions, communications, gaming, public service, education, journalism, marketing, public relations, social media, and web development. The degree also prepares students for advanced study in fields like media and communication, cultural studies, law, filmmaking, and user experience design.

Program Objectives

1. To provide the students a holistic view of new technologies of visual communication, instilling them with creativity and aesthetics.
2. To encourage creative story-telling between students
3. To demonstrate digital technical knowledge in video and audio editing based on advanced skills.
4. To illustrate an innovative concept, artistry, and mastery of visual storytelling skills through creating professional-level digital media productions.


The future of Media is digital. Media students and academicians needs to learn new technological advancement to tell stories. AR/VR/MR are reshaping Media industry but also create new opportunities for new learners of Media and communication Discipline.


Our Mission is to create and foster a technological advance, diverse, economically thriving and vibrant Media environment that contributes in nation building and social change.

Facilities and Learning Opportunities

The department of media and communication studies accomplished with number of practical learning facilities to produce high quality skilled professionals to compete the challenging market place. MCS equips students with the capacity to navigate dynamic media environments and reshape them through critical thinking and multimedia communication.

Learning Outcomes

Students will enable to develop conceptual, theoretical, design, and technical skills needed to communicate stories and messages in an interdisciplinary environment to an ever-changing audience
Students will develop their aesthetic sensibility, creative concepts, and technical skills as digital media artists and designers.
Students will express a personal artistic vision and self-identity that they are committed to growing and refining further.

Scope of the Degree/Program

T.V Anchor/News Caster
Program Producers
Advertising & Public Relationing/Public Relations Officers
Advocacy & Communication Officer
R. Js, Production Officer, Broadcaster
Director/PR Manager
Script Writer/Content Writer

Areas of Specialization

Digital/New Media
Film, TV & Theatre
Advertising & Public Relations
Development Support Communication
Print Media

Salient Features

Flexible Fee Payment Options
Student Loan Facility
Certification during degree

Admission Criteria:

Minimum 45% marks in Intermediate or equivalent.

Road Map Bachelor of Sciences in Media and Communication Studies

Total no of Credit Hours: 136 Duration: 08 Semesters (04 years)

Semester 1

Course Title Credit Hours
English-I (Basic English/Functional) 3
Mathematics 3
Basic Computer Skills 3
Ideology & Constitution of Pakistan 2
Introduction to Mass Communication 3
Introduction to Digital Media 3
Total 17

Semester 2

Course Title Credit Hours
English-II (Communication Skills) 3
Introduction to Gender Studies/Sociology 3
Islamic Studies 2
Mass Media and Society 3
Mass Media in Pakistan 3
Contemporary World Media 3
Total 17

Semester 3

Course Title Credit Hours
English (Technical writing and Presentation Skills) 3
Statistics 3
Introduction to Political Science 3
International Communication 3
Introduction to Broadcast Media 3
Current Affairs 3
Total 18

Semester 4

Course Title Credit Hours
Introduction to Conflict Reporting 3
Journalistic Language (English-IV) 3
Introduction to IR 3
Introduction to Psychology 3
Introduction to Film & Theatre 3
Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations 3
Total 18

Semester 5

Course Title Credit Hours
International Language 3
Theories of Mass Communication-I 3
Media Seminar 3
Regional Mass Media 3
Fundamentals of Economics 3
Law-I 3
Total 18

Semester 6

Course Title Credit Hours
Development Communication 3
Theories of Mass Communication-II 3
Research Methods 3
Media Ethics and Laws 3
Internship 3
Total 15

Semester 7

Course Title Credit Hours
Online Journalism 3
Media Management 3
Photo Journalism 3
Elective-I Electronics/ New or Digital Media/Film & Theatre/DSC/Advertising & PR/Print Media 3
Elective-II Electronics/ New or Digital Media/Film & Theatre/DSC/Advertising & PR/Print Media 3
Total 15

Semester 8

Course Title Credit Hours
Elective-III Electronics/New or Digital Media/Film & Theatre/DSC/Advertising & PR/Print Media 3
Elective-IV Electronics/ New or Digital Media/Film & Theatre/DSC/Advertising & PR/Print Media 3
Opinion Writing 3
Final Project/Thesis 3
Total 12

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