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Counseling & Wellness Centre

“Counseling & Wellness Centre” Works to provide Inclusive, Individualized, Collaborative Care and Support to all the Students of RLKU”

Mission Statement

“Providing the Entire Student Community with the Psychological Skills to Deal with their Educational, Familial, Emotional and Psychological Issues” Counseling and Wellness Centre (CWC) at RLKU is an appreciated initiative of CEO, Ms. Sabahat Khan that is an Ultimate Product of Untiring Passion and Enthusiasm of Prof. Dr. Nashi Khan , Director, CWC.
“CWC” addresses all Counseling Needs and ensure that RLKU Students Needs are met through Latest, Innovative and Collaborative Counseling & Therapeutic Approaches. The mission of “CWC” is to connect Students with Resources and Solutions during times of need so they can all Live, Learn, Work and learn to be Resilient for all Stresses and all their Potentials explored too. Our Resources are devoted to Address and Eliminate Racial, Social, Economic, and Health Disparities in our Student Community.

Prof. Dr. Nashi Khan
Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Director, CWC

Ms. Mahrukh Mumtaz
Student Counselor

Appointment Protocol

For Online Consultation Students can get themselves registered by Google Form https://forms.gle/3xy7YpYiEcfuzXUx7 or by sending Email at [email protected]
Face to Face Sessions: Timings in RLKU are 8:00 am-3:00 pm from Monday-Friday.