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Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

The changing socioeconomic environment and rising globalization have resulted in an international society that requires global management. In this context, the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences seeks to provide its students with the information, skills, and mindsets that will enable them to initiate their careers anywhere in the world, as well as to ensure that they will have the education necessary to achieve their goals and become leaders in their respective fields. To accomplish this, the programs at the Department of Business and Management Sciences provide students with a broad and thorough understanding of the main features of organizational management, as well as a current extensive assessment of management theory and practice, and it promotes students' understanding of the business market through the use of innovative learning and teaching practices.

HOD's Message:

The Faculty of Business and Management Sciences has worked hard to establish itself as a dynamic and progressive management and business faculties in the country. Along with a variety of bachelor programs, the faculty offers a variety of programs in the areas of marketing, human resource management, finance& accounting, supply chain and entrepreneurship. In order to achieve worldwide standards, we have designed our programs by adding diverse market-oriented trends and using excellent instructional strategies. We provide courses that assist our students in becoming leaders in revising business norms. With an interdisciplinary approach, the courses combine cognitive learning and imaginative thinking. Our courses provide students with the power and flexibility to deal with current and future business challenges. We create a dynamic, collaborative atmosphere in which our experienced academics and industry professionals, as well as our corporate partners, provide students with the opportunity to comprehend and lead on real-world business challenges throughout the course of study. By combining our unique curriculum and the experiential teaching methodology in the classroom, we aim to produce not only graduates but also the agents of change in the business world.

Mr. Hassan Said