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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Language and literature courses are available through the Faculty of Languages and Literature, at RLKU. It comprises of a highly competent faculty who has years and years of expertise in the relevant field. The curriculum is designed to be current and difficult, encouraging critical thinking and the desire to seek, study, and discuss themes pertinent to linguistics and literature in the social and academic world. The Faculty of Arts and Humanities delivers an engaged and dynamic learning atmosphere, guaranteeing that students develop analytical and communication skills. Moreover, it also ensures a habit of independent thinking and a feeling of personal and professional responsibility that employers desire in today's employment market.

HOD's Message:

Welcome to the Faculty of Languages and Literature Rashid Latif Khan University’s. Our goal is to offer you an outstanding educational environment to pursue your education in a range of disciplines. Join our vast, active, and varied group of scholars, and experts who will educate you to reach your academic and scholastic goals by providing you with knowledge and skills that will enable a seamless transition into professional life. With an English Language and Literature degree, you may accomplish your aspirations and objectives by becoming future educators, public servants, government ambassadors, and researchers. We prepare our undergraduate students for professional and academic employment markets by offering a diverse range of academic programs. As a result, our graduates are equipped with abilities in spoken and written communication, and critical reasoning. This allows them to collaborate and flourish in more globalized world order.