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Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC):

The RLKU Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) is an effective means of ensuring that our high standards of exceptional education are reached. Our Quality Enhancement Cell is actively pushing forward to instill a culture of quality assurance in order to elevate Rashid Latif Khan University (RLKU) Lahore to the ranks of the country's top universities. The reality of today emphasizes the optimum match between Quality and Education in Universities. This arrangement is intended to provide greater value to students as well as a superior type of autonomy in order to make the coming generations more productive, socially and economically stable, and resilient. The primary goal of QEC is to continuously strengthen the university's capacity and capabilities in order to continuously improve the quality of teaching, research, and other services such as industry consultancy, technology transfer, and so on, in order to meet the ever-increasing challenges, demands of regulators, councils, and rating agencies, economic pressures, and social expectations.