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Quiz Society of our Medical College is a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting intellectual engagement & knowledge-sharing among our fellow students. Our primary focus is on organizing & participating in intercollegiate quiz competitions. Through these events, we aim to foster a spirit of healthy competition, enhance medical knowledge, & cultivate teamwork & camaraderie among our members. Our society plays a pivotal role in representing our institution at various regional & national quiz tournaments. We diligently prepare & train our members to excel in a wide range of topics related to medicine, healthcare & general knowledge. This not only strengthens our academic prowess but also hones our critical thinking & problem-solving skills. Additionally, the Quiz Society serves as a platform for networking & building connections with peers from other medical colleges. It allows us to exchange ideas, learn from one another & forge lasting relationships in the medical community. Currently presided by Usman Farooq & Fahad Qaiser under the supervision of Prof.Mudassar Ali & Dr. Saman Saeed.