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BS- Medical Imaging Technology

4 Years Degree Program

Medical imaging is replacing old diagnostic techniques which weren’t reliable and providing reliable, sensitive and specific diagnosis of almost every inch of the body. Medical Imaging relies heavily on computerized equipment with image productions and processing. Medical Imaging Specialists (BSMIT) are highly trained and specialized professionals who work with patients undergoing procedures such as interventional angiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, Doppler scanning, and ultrasonography. They are obtaining all the diagnostic information from the patient via computerized modalities and are a crucial part of the healthcare delivery team in any hospital setting.

Career Paths:

After successful completion of 4 years degree offered at Rashid Latif Institute of Allied Health Sciences, the MIT proficient will be able to get employment at:

  • 17th scale job in Government Hospitals
  • Lecturer in Government/ Private sector
  • High demands in Foreign Countries
  • Independent Clinical setups
  • Radiation Therapy Department
  • Nuclear Research Laboratories
  • International fellowship
  • Medical Equipment Making and Services Industry
  • Modality Specialist

Admission Criteria:

F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) (12 years ) or equivalent with minimum of 50% Marks

Road Map Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology (BS-MIT)

Total no of Credit Hours: 132


Course Title Credit Hours
Quantitative Reasoning I 3
Ideology and Constitution of Pakistan 2
Applications of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3
Functional English 3
Basic Anatomy 3
Fundamentals of Radiography & Imaging Technology 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Islamic Studies/ Religious Education 2
Functional English II(Expository Writing) 3
International Relations 2
Biochemistry 3
Basic Physiology 3
Anatomy II 3
Embryology 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Psychology 2
Social Work 2
Civic and Community Engagement 2
Sociology 2
Pathology I 3
Cross-sectional Imaging Anatomy 3
Patient Care 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Quantitative Reasoning II 3
Entrepreneurship 2
Pathology II 3
Clinical Pharmacology 3
General Radiology 3
Radiation Sciences 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Abdominal Ultrasound 3
Gynecological Ultrasound 3
Applied Surgery 2
Sonographic Physics & Instrumentation 3
Applied Medicine 2
Evidence Base Practice 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Vascular Ultrasound 3
Medical Imaging in Emergency Medicine 3
Mammography and Special Radiological Techniques 3
Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 3
Obstetrical Ultrasound 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Echocardiography 3
Computed Tomography 3
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 3
Small Parts Ultrasound 3
Biostatistics and Research Methodology 3


Course Title Credit Hours
Neurosonography 3
Neuroanatomy 2
Nuclear Medicine 3
Interventional Radiology and Angiography 3
Capstone Project 3
Field Experience/ Internship 3

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