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Universities engage in Research as part of their Missions Around Learning and Discovery. This, in turn, Contributes Directly and Indirectly to their Primary Mission of Teaching. It goes without saying that the Advancement of Knowledge (Discovery, Innovation, Creation) is Essential to any Society. University Students, both Undergraduate and Graduate, benefit from Studying in an Environment Rich with Research and Discovery.
The University benefits from Active Research Programs. Research on Timely and Important Topics attracts attention, which in turn leads to Greater Institutional Visibility and Reputation. A University becomes known for its Research in certain Fields. They are Magnets for Students, Faculty, Grants, Media Coverage, and Even Philanthropy. Strength in Research helps to Define a University’s “Brand” In the National and International Marketplace.
RLKU, Research Cell is based on same Ideology, Vision and Mission. RLKU, Research Cell has published an Abstract Research Book (2008 -2022) of all Departments. RLKU Research Cell is continuously and consistently involved in Research Training Workshops and Seminars for both Faculty and Students.

Prof. Dr. Nashi Khan

Head, RLKU Research Cell
Dean, FSS
Director, RLDPP
Email: [email protected]

Abstract Book 2018- 2022

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