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Rashid Latif Khan University (RLKU)


Rashid Latif Khan University’s roots can be traced back to the foundation of The Rashid Latif Medical College in 2010. After its successful establishment in 2010, now Rashid Latif Khan University is being launched as an autonomous entity that aims to provide hands-on, high-quality training by combining the experience of several disciplines. The student body at RLKU thrives on the atmosphere our faculty offers, and the mentor and mentee-relationship allows students to not only groom themselves professionally via observation but also to benefit from their professors' expertise. Our long history, combined with cutting-edge technology and development in various fields, has enabled our doctors to achieve global recognition for academic quality and clinical skills. One of our primary objectives is to enroll and support the most talented and diverse trainees as they pursue their interests in the competitive and demanding worlds of health, management, and social sciences.


Our faculty members are leaders in their field and committed to excellence in teaching and innovative research. They work collaboratively with students and prepare them for a lifetime of learning.


Admissions 2024

Admission in RLKU is now open to qualified individuals in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, social sciences, Allied Health Sciences, Nursing, and Management Sciences are all faculties. We take pleasure in offering a diverse range of courses that include the fundamental sciences as well as clinical medicine and surgery. Beyond the specific domains of healthcare sciences, RLKU broadens its horizons by offering admissions in Management Sciences, transforming our youth into successful executives and leaders of the future, digital savvy, and social entrepreneurs. Introducing Media and Communication program to cultivate tomorrow's gurus in today's socially charged environment has also been high on the university's priority list.


RLKU’s campus fosters an intellectually stimulating environment, generating a great deal of energy among its diverse community. Aside from strong academic standards and possibilities for leadership training, the beauty of the campus is frequently highlighted as a key reason why it is a top option for students from all across Pakistan. Its campus life is as diverse as Pakistan itself, with a strong emphasis on morals, inclusivity, and personal accountability as basic principles that guide academic and social life on campus.

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Evolution of RLKU

Following years of success in medical education, the next step was to construct a university that catered to fields other than medical education. This was the inspiration behind the formation of RLKU. The University provides both allied health and non-medical degrees. With the knowledge obtained through teaching medical and allied health students over the years, RLKU has the infrastructure and culture to become a top-tier university. The institution has vast playgrounds, a large auditorium, clubs, and various ancillary services and units such as Printing Press, Simulation laboratories, Dissection halls, Entrepreneurship Cells, Cafeterias and Canteens, and so on. RLKU is currently a fully Chartered Institute formed by a Legislative Act of the Punjab Assembly (Punjab Act No. XXXVII of 2021) and is approved and recognized as a degree-issuing institution by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

Hameed Latif Hospital
Rashid Latif Medical Complex
Arif Memorial Hospital
RLKU Medical & Dental College


Achieving Professional & Academic Excellence through Innovation leading to a Positive Impact on Society.


To create a Community of Life Long Learners Responsible and humane Global Citizens Champions of collective Success.

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Prof. Dr. Rashid Latif Khan
Vice Chancellor


MS. Sabahat Khan

Events 2023-2024


Rashid Latif Khan University is proud to have participated in the prestigious Jang Education Expo 2024!


International Webinar was held on 27th June 24 in Joint Venture by Rashid Latif Dept. Of Professional Psychology (RLDPP) & Rashid Latif School of Business (RLSB).


Rashid Latif Music Society organized a Music Gala 2024 at Rashid Latif Medical Complex. Our Talented students rocked the stage and blew us away with their performances.